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S.E.A.T.S Inc. (S.E.A.T.S Farm) Signs MoU with CJCAR of NIA and AEON Cambodia

On December 12, 2023, S.E.A.T.S Inc company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CJCAR (Cambodia-Japan Center for Agricultural Research) of Prek Leap National University of Agriculture (NIA) and AEON Cambodia to strengthen agribusiness ecosystem cooperation in Cambodia. The partnership also provides students with opportunities for practical experiences, including various activities and volunteer work in research to enhance their knowledge. This morning’s MoU signing included Mr. Osamu Nakajima, Director of CJCAR of NIA, Mr. Akifumi Mori, Food line Merchandising Senior GM of AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. and Mr. Kosuke Mineshima, Director & CEO of S.E.A.T.S Inc with following roles & responsibility respectively.

– Conduct research and development activities aimed at inventing ideal production methods for Japanese fruits and vegetables in Cambodia.
– Work closely with relevant faculties within NIA to select and conduct join research.
– Provide training to agricultural students of NIA to empower them and enhance their agricultural skills.
– Facilitate the exchange of agricultural knowledge and support by dispatching selected individuals including academic staff and students of NIA to Japan for further learning and assistance in Japanese agricultural practices.

– Continuously providing feedback on product and service demands to facilitate market creation.
– Collaborating with CJCAR and S.E.A.T.S Inc. to create a market for Cambodian agricultural products in Cambodia.3. S.E.A.T.S Inc. (S.E.A.T.S Farm)
– Engage in product development and distribution, both domestically and for overseas export in close collaboration with the farm sides and retail partners.
– Seek opportunities for domestic and overseas markets and implement strategies accordingly.
– Utilize their farm as a test farm (model) to apply domestic experience and develop effective agricultural practices.

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