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Japanese sweet potato “Beniharuka” is now available at AEON stores in Cambodia!

In April 2024, our company’s major project to bring the Japanese variety of sweet potato “Beniharuka” to Cambodian consumers has been realized. Our company (S.E.A.T.S Farm) and AEON Cambodia will collaborate to promote the “Beniharuka” brand in the Cambodian market.

Currently (as of May 2024), the product is available at AEON (Phnom Penh), AEON (Sen Sok), and AEON (Meng Choi) on the ground floor.

We will continue to strive to deliver the Japanese variety sweet potato “Beniharuka” from your local supermarkets and retail stores.

We hope you will enjoy the sweet and rich taste of “Beniharuka”, a Japanese variety of sweet potato!

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