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Career Fair at CJCC

On 15th, January 2023 S.E.A.T.S Inc. joined a career fair at CJCC (Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center) to promote job opportunities to everyone including workers and students that are looking for experience. S.E.A.T.S.

Inc. is open not only to those that have experience and what to challenge something new but also open to fresh graduates and those that still studying. We provide benefits, competitive salaries, and flexible schedules, especially for students. During the Job Fair, we estimate more than 300 candidates have come to our booth to show their interest and to learn more about the company. The CJCC Job Fair event will be held twice a year at CJCC and which we will be present at the time of the event.

We join and standby to explain all the candidate that came to our booth about our company, not only that we also join presentation that offer by CJCC to closely explain and tell them even more about our company. The next event will be here anytime soon. We…

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