Cambodia Agribusiness Supply Chain Transformation

‎ (Phnom Penh): Thursday, August 7, 2565 and October 28, 2021 at the Ministry of Commerce, there is a regular video system workshop on “chain change Cambodia Agribusiness Supply Chain Transformation under the chairmanship of Admiral Kao Kao Force Director of the Department of Commerce Motivation and Kunihiko HIRABAYASHI.

Secretary-General of the Asia-Japan Center As well as remote video system attendance by the Chief Executive Officer of Commerce, President-President of all three departments, the Directorate General of Panic Businesses, international-international speakers, specialists of the Market Development Department and also attendees from many relevant state and private sector institutions. ‎

Initially, the Prime Minister expressed a warm welcome to the head Kunihiko HRABAYASHI Secretary of the Asian-Japanese Center, all speakers, Advocate Mr. -Mrs invited from the Ministry -Organizations involved and prosecuted,

Ms. President of the Enterprise Company Association, which was involved in video system seminars Additionally, the Prime Minister thanked the Asian-Japanese center That has always helped counter the country’s trade stimulus program in the past. Contributes to the program to strengthen and build human resources, a movie that serves export boosting strategies for Cambodia.

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Then Kunihiko HRABAYASHI, the head of the Asian-Japanese Center, mentioned that in the name of the Asian-Jeep Center Conn expresses deep gratitude to the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce for providing cooperation in the organisation of online seminars He went on to say that the Asian-Japanese Center is a local intergovernmental organization.

Tokyo, founded by 10 Asian member states and Japan in 1981, to strengthen its association between Asia and Japan, via trade stimulus, investment, tourism and the development of human resources, via programs and activities such as online seminars.